Our team of experts remains active in the LPG/Gas marketplace, staying abreast of industry trends and knowledgeable of regulatory developments. Our systems enable us to continually assess the strengths of various carriers and monitor prevailing market rates for product and services.

No matter your LPG/Gas transportation needs, Truckbeta clients trust that they can rely on us to provide the best solutions customized to their needs. Our customers know that our culture of continuous process improvement will deliver the added value they deserve.

    Provide best quality LPG/Gas haulage services in Nigeria through our world class, easy to use App and Website

    Provide integrated geo-location and tank level monitoring services to ensure safety of product from pick-up to delivery

    Provide price and cost optimisation analysis for service providers looking to reduce haulage services costs

    Provide emergency LPG haulage services -Online and through phone calls

    Monitor market rates for LPG product and haulage service

    Enable access to high quality trucks and tanks from our pre-qualified, certified trucks, tanks and driver database.

    Provide timely roadside assistance using our network of highly qualified mechanics and engineers

    Provide premium trucking services with additional security for products

    Provide product insurances (at no extra cost)

    Provide professional customer service

    Adhere to DPR and industry standard rules


Our value proposition to our customers is peace of mind! To achieve this, we offer the following:

   An easy to use, credible, reliable services tailored towards addressing LPG/Gas haulage pain points identified by gas plant owners, trucking service and brokers.

   The service allows customers to easily shop around for competitive LPG haulage prices and for credible haulage services.

   Provide real time tracking and monitoring of products on transportation routes

   Offer other services like affordable insurance, coordinated storage and truck tank level monitoring and flexible payment options.