About Us

Innovative Solutions- Leading the future of logistics in Nigeria.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering technologically advanced, world-class solutions to the Nigerian LPG industry is the motivation behind the creation of Truckbeta Nigeria. We strongly believe that our customers and service providers can benefit from a more efficient, easy to use, reliable system which guarantees safe, competitively priced, and high-quality services.

TRUCKBETA ...for peace sake

Truckbeta is powered by Save-on-gas (SOG) and High-Class Standard Gas Nigeria Limited (HCSG). Both companies have provided extensive LPG logistics services to the Nigerian LPG industry since 2014. Working with partners in the USA and Europe, SOG and HCSG have provided LPG/Gas Haulage service across Nigeria using state of the art technology to ensure safe delivery of personnel and product.


Truckbeta is a product developed based on SOG and HCSG highly efficient systems and safety standards, experience and world class technology to address customer pain points noted over the years.
We took the initiative to create a Hub to link LPG trucks with those that require their services. We foster a system that provides innovative, cost-effective solutions for your most challenging LPG/Gas transportation needs.


Whether you need LPG/Gas trucking, interstate transportation management, standard managed haulage services, data analyses or anything in-between, our service experts can provide cost-effective solutions backed with exceptional customer service.

Always improving, always growing. We don’t just stop at linking LPG/Gas Haulage Services to those that need their services. We continue to innovate based on our hands-on experience, expertise and integrity. Working with technological partners in America and Europe, we are committed to delivering smarter supply chain solutions and strategic insights that drive the success of our customers.